Adult Faith Formation

Join us on Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time for Bible Study with our rostered leaders.

Young Adults

From the comfort of your homes, come to a virtual coffee hour every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Pacific time. Email for a link to join. Mark your calendars for a young adult virtual pub theology the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Youth and Family Ministry

Click here for our full Summer 2020 VBS video series!

Some websites to go to for youth and family faith formation:
Milestones Ministry
Illustrated Ministry
Faith Finder Fun

Backyard Mondays, Science Fridays, and more with some fun pastors from Minnesota.

Gulf Coast Synod

Ways to connect on Social Media: #stmarksathome
1. St. Mark’s Facebook Page–public open to all: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church by The Narrows (with in this page 2 private groups: St. Mark’s Children and Youth and St. Mark’s VBS)
2. St. Mark’s Main Instagram account–public: smlcbythenarrows
3. St. Mark’s Youth Instagram account–private: smlctacomayouth (this is updated from our previous one)

Cooper Sherry’s Music Pick for the Day

Friends at St. Mark’s …

It is hard to be away from each other, not able to sing together, not able to worship together, and not able to enjoy the richness of fellowship in music and community.
For your well-being and for an opportunity of daily enrichment through music, I would like to offer things to supplement your lives in these times from our Youtube friends who have put countless amazing things online for us to enjoy. You may click on the links below to hear these songs. Most days, as I am able, I will add to this list:

Adult Forum

Virtual Adult Forum – Pastor Hallie Parkins discusses the NW Immigrant Rights Project with Grace Dunbar and Selene Dominguez Peña. 4/15/20.


Sanctuary Bible Studies

Bible studies with Mark Gravrock: sanctuary 3/19/20.

The Bible and Sanctuary (Word document)

click below to watch video 

Sanctuary Bible Study  part 2 with Mark Gravrock.

click below to watch video