As a diverse community of people drawn together by God’s Spirit, we give thanks for the gifts of all those who join us for worship and witness. The center of our life together is Jesus Christ, whose love leads us to affirm our common identity as children of God. In this place for grace, each person’s age, race, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, special interests, and unique abilities enrich us as the Body of Christ. In that spirit, we gladly welcome you and we invite you to grow with us in love and grace.

Contact: Pastor Jan Ruud

Meeting Times

St. Mark’s Gay-Straight Alliance meets on the third Monday of most months at the church. We share a potluck meal at 6:00 p.m. followed by discussion of relevant topics.

The mission of GSA

The Gay-Straight Alliance of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church by the Narrows was formed in the fall of 2007 as an outgrowth of our church’s Peace and Justice ministry. We wanted a safe place to talk about how the church relates to LGBTQ people and how the example of Christ leads us to welcome all, especially those who are disenfranchised. With that in mind, we wrote the following statement of identity and purpose and covenant for our group:

We are an intergenerational gathering of St. Mark’s members and friends who acknowledge and celebrate human diversity, including sexual orientation and gender identity, as an expression of God’s creative purpose. We journey together in gratitude for God’s love, which reconciles and makes us all one in Christ. We seek to strengthen our church community by sharing our experience, encouraging, enjoying and learning from one another. We acknowledge injustice in the human community and strive to make this gathering a place of safety and healing for all who participate.


In order to ensure that St. Mark’s Gay-Straight Alliance is indeed a safe place for all who participate, we hereby covenant with each other

to honor each others’ stories and acknowledge that, even while we journey together, we find ourselves at differing places along the way;

to listen and to speak with respect,
to give and receive the gift of openness to learning and growth;
to confess, recognize and accept the limitations, frailties and failures of ourselves and of each other;
to guard the confidentiality of all participants;
to encourage all voices to be heard, giving everyone present an opportunity to speak.

As we see this gathering as a place and time for affirmation of the sacred value of all God’s children and for the advocacy of justice for all, we ask all participants in our discussions to subscribe to this covenant.