The purpose of the Stewardship Committee at St. Mark’s is to encourage one another to share generously our God-given gifts of time, talents and resources in love and in gratitude. We understand that we are called as a community to worship, learn, serve and reach out in words and deeds of love because we are stewards of the blessings we have received.

Each year, we engage in a communal process to adopt a budget designed to fully fund our congregational mission. As part of that process, we invite participation in establishing ministry goals, volunteering for the ministries we offer, and providing estimates of financial giving. Please fill out your Plan for Giving and turn it into the church, please click here.  You are encouraged to complete a Plan for Giving every year for two primary reasons:

  1. To prayerfully and thoughtfully consider giving back to God in gratitude for the gifts you have received from God.
  2. To help the Church Council prepare annual budgets.

Plans for Giving are requested from all who give. In that way, your quarterly and annual contribution statements will reflect both your intended and your actual giving.


St. Mark’s maintains discrete funds to honor donors’ intent for their contributions. Examples of some of St. Mark’s primary funds include the following:

1) Regular offerings support all ministry, including staff, operations, utilities, facilities and monthly mortgage payments.

2) Mortgage Principal Retirement: God has been good to us at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church by The Narrows! Our membership and our capacity for mission has continued to grow over the years, and we have found many ways to be engaged in meaningful ministry with people inside and outside our walls. As we continue to hear God’s call to use our gifts in faithful and generous ways, we now have the potential to make an even greater impact by eliminating our mortgage debt and redirecting that money to strengthen ministry at St. Mark’s and in our community. Click here for additional information about the Blessing in Abundance Campaign.

3) Mission Endowment makes distributions based on the endowment fund’s growth while preserving the principal of original gifts. Endowment grants are awarded annually to a variety of mission projects that go beyond regular offerings. Examples include special initiatives, educational ministries (such as Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) seminaries, colleges and St. Mark’s students who attend them), and missions of the ELCA (such as new congregation development, global missions and social ministries).

For the Endowment Funds Small Grants Application click here. 

In addition, you may designate gifts for the purposes of “ministry enhancement.” Examples of this category include local and global mission trips, the Delong Elementary Backpack Program, homeless and hunger ministries, and special projects. The best way to designate funds for ministry enhancement is to write a check and note the purpose on the check.

For information on ways to give financially to St. Mark’s click here. For information on ways to give time and talents to St. Mark’s click here.