LEARN, SERVE AND GROW are words we use at St. Mark’s to collect all the ways we invite you to grow in your faith and serve the world on behalf of the Gospel. This page will link you to our 2014/2015 Ministry Booklet.

LSG2014-2015CoverAll ministry opportunities are intended to help us grow in faith through learning and through serving in one of our seven ministry areas: Christian Formation, Congregational Care, Outreach, Peace & Justice, Stewardship, Worship & Music and Youth & Family. One way a Christian steward uses the gift of time is to continually learn about our faith in order to grow in our love of God and there are many learning opportunities in which to participate at St. Mark’s this year.

Another way to commit to Christian Stewardship is to use our unique skills and talents to serve as a leader on one of the many ministry teams. When you sign up to serve on a ministry, you are agreeing to do the work to make that ministry flourish- a commitment of time and talent.

You will notice that the contact information for each opportunity is provided in the Learn, Serve and Grow Booklet so that you can get your questions answered before filling out the Response Form. Feel free to call the designated leader with your questions. Children have their own colorful form to complete (with the assistance of an adult) and every member is encouraged participate in this annual renewal.

Learn, Serve, Grow 2015-2016