While we have closed the building, we are still open for care and available to you, our church community.

VIRTUAL CARE: If you would like to have a virtual visit with any of our pastors or care team members, we are available by phone or facetime/ skype.  We, as your pastors, want to keep in touch with you and pray with you, so please don’t hesitate to call us at the church office ( hours M-F, 9-4pm)  or email us and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

PEW PRESENCE: As we go through a period of time when we will only be gathering virtually and practicing social distancing, we want to encourage each member to reach out to your “pew friends”.   Since we will not be seeing, the ones who sit near us in the pew, why not reach out by phone and just call one another to check in during this time?  This will create a community of presence, even when we are absent in the pews.  

TAKE THEM GROCERIES: In addition to the virtual care, we are also providing the service of going to the store, purchasing groceries, and delivering to the door for those who may find themselves quarantined and unable to get out.  Please know that we are here to help and have congregation members ready to deliver to your home and drop on your doorstep items that you may need and are unable to get.  If you are a member who is not in the high risk for coronavirus and would like to be one of the drivers/deliverers contact the church office or Pastor Sigi – sigi.helgeson@smlutheran.org


MASK MAKING: If you need a mask to wear in public, or if you are able to help make them for others, please contact katie.cootsona@gmail.com and she will get you connected.


Writing and sending cards, phone calls, social media, and online presence. 

We welcome your ideas.  Let’s get creative! 


Visit our St. Mark’s Website and Facebook page regularly for updates and new opportunities.