Congregational Care Committee (Ages: All confirmed members)
This committee takes an active interest in the members of St. Mark’s. We visit and support those who have special life situations; we encourage participation in the various activities of the church; and well look for other ways to enhance the life and ministry of St. Mark’s.
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Baptismal Quilts
St. Mark’s gives the gift of a quilt to those who are baptized here. If you are interested in making baptismal quilts please contact the church office at 253-752-4966.
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Visiting the Homebound
Those who for one reason or another are unable to participate in congregational worship and activities are kept in contact with their church family through regular visits. Team members who are able, meet monthly to ensure that we know and are responsive to the needs of our members who are homebound. Your gifts in this ministry of care and contact are needed and welcome.
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Care Ministry Team (Ages: 18 and older)
Stephen Ministers supplement the pastoral staff by providing one-on-one care to people experiencing life transitions and challenges (for example: impending death, recovery from illness, loss of a job or a relationship, dealing with a chronic illness).
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Email Prayer Chain
The mission of the Prayer Chain is to communicate requests for payers to a network of individuals who are committed to the ministry of prayer for people in need. If you would like to be part of this ministry, please send your email address to the church office.
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Caregiver Support Group
Twice a month, caregivers gather to support one another, pray, and receive strength for the challenges of caring for a loved one.
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Grief Support Group
Meets once per month, on the 4th Friday, at 10:30 a.m. to offer support and care to one another in a time of grief and loss. Hosted by Pastor Sigi.
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Parish Nursing (Health care providers)
This position is open to any health care provider. We work to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the congregation and coordinate health programs and facilitate the use of church and community resources. Parish Nurse office: A Parish Nurse is available on Wednesday evenings for consultations and blood pressure checks by appointment.
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Women of St. Mark’s (Women of All Ages)
This active group hosts a fall gathering, Advent brunch, and spring luncheon or tea, all with wonderful programs, food, crafts, and outreach projects. In November, this group hosts the annual fundraiser, the Holiday Bazaar, with profits divided between our church needs and outreach. In addition, funds support the ongoing work of Lutheran World Relief and share their talents with many of the ministries of St. Mark’s.
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Prayer Shawl Ministry
When you combine knitting and praying, what do you get? A tangible, warm, beautiful sign of God’s love to wrap around someone who is hurting. Can be done at home, while waiting for appointments or in groups.
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Sunday Morning Care Ministry
Welcome and reach out to visitors and newcomers with conversation and care.
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Office Volunteers
There are many opportunities to help, including (1) being part of a small team of volunteers putting together mailings to the congregation 3 or 4 times a year. The team stuffs, stamps, and seals the envelopes and enjoys time together (and chocolate!) and (2) sitting at the office desk occasionally to greet visitors and answer the phone when the office staff is away.
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Help with Memorial Receptions
Whenever we host a memorial reception, help is needed for providing cookies, plating the food to be served, serving punch, and clean up. Generally an email is sent out in advance and those who are willing will follow the provided link to sign up for what they would like to help with.
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