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  • Matins- New Days in Paradise

    MATINS –  NEW DAYS IN PARADISE by Robert Hasselblad When we began Lent on Ash Wednesday, Pastor Ruud noted that for him the important word in the scripture readings and liturgy this year was “we”.  We gather to acknowledge our shared mortality, and our shared sinful nature.  We gather as

  • Easter Choir Call for All Voices. A letter from Darren and Cooper.

    Esteemed Friends of St. Marks, As has become a tradition at our church, this year’s Easter choir comes as a meaningful, joyous, and very fun opportunity to be part of our ALL CALL for singers! Absolutely zero experience or particular ability is needed to be a part of this annual group. Rather,

  • Our Sermons Podcast is Now Live

    Good News ~ Our Sermons are now being published to our new Podcast! This allows you to convieniently listen to our weekly Sermons, find previous Sermons, and even subscribe to future Sermons. Never miss a St. Mark’s Sermon again. You can find them posted every Sunday right on our Home page and our Sermons page, but we strongly