Welcome! We are in located in the northwest end of Tacoma, Washington. Our address is 6730 North 17th St. Tacoma, WA 98406. Phone: 253-752-4966.

As a diverse community of people drawn together by God’s Spirit, we give thanks for the gifts of all those who join us for worship and witness. The center of our life together is Jesus Christ, whose love leads us to affirm our common identity as children of God.

In this place for grace, each person’s age, race, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, special interests, and unique abilities enrich us as the Body of Christ. In that spirit, we gladly welcome you! We invite you to grow with us in love and grace.

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Latest News

  • Poets of St. Mark’s: “From Eden Forward”

    Written by Sally Ann McLean on the occasion of the dedication of The Arneklev Gardens at The Edwards Plaza, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community, Tacoma, Washington “From Eden Forward” Creation or Evolution? Evolution or Creation? Both, I’d say. Which came first? The created or the evolved? Everything that IS was created

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  • Dispatch Madagascar: These are the Days of Miracle & Wonder

    From Kirsti Ruud, who is studying in Madagascar. As we drove through the highlands on the way to our weeklong village homestays, we listened to the Paul Simon album, “Graceland.” Listening to “The Boy in the Bubble” and looking out the window at our beautiful surroundings, thinking about what had

  • Stories of Service: Pillows for Phoenix Housing Network Guests

    In a continued partnership with Phoenix Housing Network, an outreach of Catholic Community Services, our congregation has completed another week of hosting homeless families. We are so thankful to our many volunteers who help to make our guests feel comfortable and cared for in Christ’s love. One of our members,

  • Dispatch Madagascar: Blessings and the Rain

    From Kirsti Ruud, who is currently studying in Madagascar For Malagasy people, rain is perceived as a blessing. We first learned this after visiting a Sakalava doany–a sacred prayer site of the coastal Sakalava people. As with many of our scheduled and unscheduled activities here, the visit started out dry,

  • Declaring What is Essential

    by Sally Ann McLean But there is a big difference between having choices and making a choice– declaring what is essential — creates a framework for a life that eliminates many choices but gives meaning to what remains. (Sue Bender, Plain and Simple)   It is a curious thing, isn’t

  • A Shared Abundance: The Pierce County Gleaning Project

    by Helen Bache Two years ago, my small urban back yard orchard produced so much fruit that I called the Gleaning Project to help with the harvest and distribution of the apples, pears and plums. Before I knew about the Gleaning Project, I had already picked several boxes of fruit