What is The Bridge?

The Bridge is St. Mark’s weekly email newsletter, and one of the best ways to keep up to date with the many things happening here at St. Mark’s!

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When is The Bridge sent out?

The Bridge will be emailed out weekly on Fridays. An extended version of The Bridge (with an overview of the month’s events) will go out on the second Friday of each month. As a rule of thumb, each of the shorter newsletters for the remaining weeks will cover information relevant to the following 14 days from the newsletter’s release date.

How do I submit my announcement for The Bridge?

Submissions to The Bridge can be made using the form below. There are options to include additional media (flyers, slides, images, etc.) through the form as well. If you have any questions about the form submission process, or have an issue that needs troubleshooting, contact Cody Schuman at cody.schuman@smlutheran.org. If you have any changes you’d like to make to a previous submission, or have general inquiries about our newsletter, contact Carrie Olschner at carrie.olschner@smlutheran.org.