We are a team that enjoys serving together and we are thankful for the incredible work that is being done every day by members of the congregation. To learn more about us, click on any one of the highlighted names below.


  • Audrey Lukasak – Interim Lead Pastor (email)
  • Mark Gravrock  – Interim Associate Pastor (email)
  • Sigi Helgeson – Congregational Care & Visitation Pastor (email)
  • Ingelaurie Lisher – Director of Youth & Family Ministry, Deacon (email)
  • Linda McKeller – Office Coordinator/Receptionist (email)
  • Cooper Sherry – Director of Music Ministry (email)
  • Mike McKeller – Bookkeeper (email)
  • Steve Johnson – Director of Finance and Operations (email)
  • Pat Buck – Financial Recording Secretary (email)
  • Teresa Handy – Custodian and Hospitality Coordinator (email)
  • Carrie Olschner – Publications Coordinator (email)
  • Cody Schuman – Media and Production Coordinator (email)
  • Hollye Piercy – Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator (email)
  • Katie Jones – Preschool Director (email)
  • Linda Heath – Parish Nurse (email)