pastorsWe are a team that enjoys serving together and we are thankful for the incredible work that is being done every day by members of the congregation. To learn more about us, click on any one of the highlighted names below.


Jan Ruud – Pastor

Rebecca Shjerven – Pastor

Sigi Helgeson – Visitation Pastor

Ingelaurie Lisher – Director of Youth & Family Ministry, AiM

Linda McKeller– Office Coordinator/Receptionist

Katie Cootsona – Receptionist

Darren Kerbs – Director of Music for Contemporary Worship

Cooper Sherry – Director of Music Ministry

Mike McKeller – Bookkeeper

Pat Buck – Financial Recording Secretary

Jennifer Droubay – Manager of Finance and Operations

Teresa Handy – Custodian and Hospitality Coordinator

Carrie Olschner– Communications Coordinator

Craig Cootsona – Drummer/ Percussionist

Silas Stokes – Sound Technician Coordinator

Prudence Crocco – Nursery Coordinator

Celesta Smith – Children’s Faith Formation Coordinator

Katie Jones – Preschool Director

Linda Heath – Parish Nurse

Church Council

President: Oscar Espinosa

Vice President: Tom Roberts

Secretary: Laura Moran

Treasurer: Barb Meyers

Finance and Operations:  Tyler McLeod

Adult Faith Formation: Martin Duenholter

Peace and Justice:  Deborah Herforth

Congregational Care Team: Barb Holme

Outreach Team: Susan Newsom

Worship & Music Team: Sharron Bonea

Stewardship Team: Birger Nelson

Children, Youth & Family Faith Formation Team: Janai Isaacson