St. Mark’s Preschool 2s and 3s Class meets two days a week for 2 hours. It is a great introductory class for young children. The student to teacher ratio in this class is 3-5 students per teacher.

The main focus of this class is to teach children how to get along well with others in a classroom setting. We use curriculum from Second Step Early Learning as well as other supplemental preschool learning materials. Children are introduced to colors and shapes and a variety of themes related to the time of year.

We use variety of dramatic play and building toys, as well as sensory objects. We sing songs, offer opportunities to do art, and engage in gross motor play daily. We also do occasional baking projects and get kids thinking about science as often as possible. We take 2-3 field trips a year to enhance our curriculum.


In general, our daily routine follows this schedule, with exceptions for field trips and special class celebrations.

9:15 Arrival/Free Play/Art
10:00 Snack
10:20 Circle Time
10:40 Outdoor/Gross Motor play
11:00 Music and story


St. Mark’s Preschool is a celebration of children as gifts from God. Together, children and teachers experience the joys of learning, loving and growing in a Christian environment. St. Mark’s Preschool exists for the purpose of enriching the lives and learning experiences of young children in a nurturing, stimulating, creative Christian environment. We offer a program which will provide your child with a variety of learning experiences and opportunities.

St. Mark’s Preschool provides an environment where children will:

  • feel safe and loved
  • enjoy exploration, discovery and self-expression
  • grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • experience positive attitudes toward school, teachers and learning
  • experience social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development
  • participate in hands-on creative learning experiences