During this pandemic while we are physically distancing we continue to remain socially and spiritually close in a variety of ways.

Care Ministry

St. Mark’s Care ministers  are available to walk with you through a season of change, challenge or loss. For more information about Care ministers, contact Pastor Sigi Helgeson (sigi.helgeson@smlutheran.org).

Pastoral Visits

Our pastors and pastoral intern are available to visit with you either by phone or a virtual visit via zoom.  In case of an urgent need please call our office phone #  253-752-4966  and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

You can also email any one of our pastors to set up a virtual visit.   

Pastor Sigi Helgeson- Congregational Care Pastor, sigi.helgeson@smlutheran.org

Pastor Hallie Parkins- Associate Pastor, hallie.parkins@smlutheran.org

Pastor Jan Ruud- Senior Pastor, jan.ruud@smlutheran.org

Emilie Binja- Pastoral Intern, emillie.binja@smlutheran.org

St. Mark's Support Groups

St. Mark’s offers virtual support groups during the Covid 19 restrictions on in person gatherings.

  • Anyone who would like support is welcome to attend, you do not have to be a member of St. Marks. 
  • To receive the zoom link for the support group, email sigi.helgeson@smlutheran.org
  • All groups offer confidential care and support to those who are experiencing challenges and loss.

Caregiver Support Group

Meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 10:30a.m. 

For those who are caring for a loved one who can no longer care for themselves or are in the process of decline.


Emotional Wellness – Living Through a Pandemic

This 4 -week class will be offered in the coming months to support you through the emotional ups and downs of living through the ever -changing landscape that we find ourselves in.  

There are many emotions that spring up in our everyday lives some are easier to accept than others.  You may find yourself with many and complicated/ conflicting emotions especially during this time period when there is much uncertainty in our world.  How do we deal with strong emotions linked to the stressors in our lives?  What are some ways to practice selfcare?  Each session will encourage emotional wellness through supportive listening and supply resources for participants to use during times of stress.


Journey Through Grief and Loss

This 5 -week class is offered three times a year- in the Spring, Fall and Winter, check the Bridge for the next offering.

When someone you love dies, you experience grief in a number of ways. Grief is a natural emotion, and it is experienced differently by each person. Depending on your relationship to the person who died, how death came to him or her, whether you were able to say goodbye, your beliefs, your background, and your personality, each of us reacts and processes the grief in a different way. As you walk through your season of grief and loss, you may find yourself feeling a range of emotions including sadness, regret, anger, guilt, relief, and a yearning to see the person again. All of these emotions, which are natural and normal, are given to us by God to help us understand our world.

For more information about Congregational care and support contact:

Pastor Sigi Helgeson- Congregational Care Pastor SMLC