Thank you for being part of our St Mark’s Virtual Christmas Choir!

Kirsti Ruud and I are ready to put this together, and we know you will deliver the video goods!  This is going to be an absolutely beautiful anthem for our Christmas Eve service, and I hope you can all participate.

It will involve you making a video of yourself (and any family members who are interested) singing your vocal part. We will then combine them all digitally and create a video collage of all of us singing together in a mass online chorus. I would like to feature youth on the first verse so be sure get them involved.

You will find all the instructions and materials below. We need time to get this edited, so the due date for submissions is Tuesday, Dec 8th. 

This is going to be a fun congregational music video endeavor. Get out there and make those videos!  Feel free to dress for the holidays when you make your video 🙂

Looking forward to singing together in this festive way.

Recording Instructions

    1. Listen through the click track of your part and sing along multiple times until you feel comfortable with your part
    2. Get your recording equipment ready. You’ll need:
      • A camera; a computer or phone camera work just great! You’ll want it stationary and in landscape.
      • Headphones; it may be helpful to only use one earbud so you can listen to the click-track in one ear and yourself singing in the other
      • A device that you can plug headphones into to play the click track while you video record yourself singing along
    1. Video record yourself singing your part!
      • Start with your headphones unplugged
      • Start recording with your camera
      • Start playing the click track so you record the first few seconds of the click-track’s audio (the click sounds at the beginning make it easier for us to sync all the video together later)
      • Plug your headphones in before your part comes in.
      • Sing along with your part! Have fun! Smile! Think about how happy this is going to make our St. Mark’s family to see us all singing together!
    1. Upload your video recording to this Google Drive folder. If you have trouble uploading/sending, contact Kirsti Ruud at


Accompaniment tracks for each part and score can be accessed via the links below:





Score for “Away in a Manger”

Thank you for joining in. Remember to submit your videos no later than Dec. 8th!

Blessings to you,  Karen Moats