Faith Journey is a series of 10 weekly gatherings hosted by our pastoral staff that give visitors to St. Mark’s an opportunity to hear each other’s stories, explore questions of faith, build relationships, hear scripture together, and listen for God’s call.

Our Diverse Stories

The first Faith Journey gatherings offer an opportunity to get acquainted with others who are visitors at St. Mark’s through the sharing of our stories and a time of inquiry where the questions you bring form the basis of our discussions. In these and all future gatherings, we promise to provide an open and welcome space for everyone.

God’s Story

As the journey continues, we  take time each week to go deeper into our questions and to hear God’s story together in a way that allows us to explore its meaning for our lives today. In all our conversations, we stay committed to our tradition of shared learning and to the possibility that God is always doing something new in our lives.

God’s Call

In our last weeks together, we create space for each person to explore the uniqueness of his or her vocation as a child of God. This is a time for reflection and discernment as we consider how we will use our gifts to glorify God and serve our neighbor. Our group will expand as members of the congregation join us as “faith companions.”

Faith Journey can also lead to membership at St. Mark’s

Becoming a member of our congregation means going deeper into your calling to live among God’s faithful people, hear the Word of God and share the Lord’s Supper, proclaim the Gospel in word and deed, serve all people in the way of Christ, and strive for justice and peace in all the earth. All Faith Journey participants are invited to become members of St. Mark’s, but this is never an expectation. We want you to follow where the Spirit of God is leading you. Those who choose to join our congregation will be welcomed during worship.

All Are Welcome

As a diverse community of people drawn together by God’s Spirit, we give thanks for the gifts of all those who join us for worship and witness at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church by The Narrows. The center of our life together is Jesus Christ, whose love leads us to affirm our common identity as children of God. In this place for grace, each person’s age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, spirituality, special interests, and unique abilities enrich us as the Body of Christ. In that spirit, we gladly welcome you and we invite you to grow with us in love and grace.