Director of Finance and Operations

St. Mark’s has been my church home for many years and is a place which holds several of my most sacred memories. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and first moved to Washington right after college, as a second lieutenant stationed at McChord Air Force Base. I was blessed during my early years here to meet my now-husband, Troy Droubay – a long-time member of St. Mark’s; and we were married at St. Mark’s in 1999. Soon after, Troy and I left Washington State for a while to pursue various jobs and grad schools around the country; but we always planned to come back to settle in the Tacoma area. Two of my most sacred memories were made after Troy and I returned to the Pacific Northwest – the baptism of our children.

When they were younger, my children and I enjoyed listening to music from the Gaither Kids Series called God’s Zoo. As those of you with children know, kids’ music can – well – invade your mind. (I’ve found myself on a jog singing the same kids’ song over and over…) In some cases, however, the persistent nature of children’s music can be used as a wonderful, permeating reminder of God’s truth, majesty, and love. There is a song on God’s Zoo entitled, “Could You Choose to Use Me?” – and it serves as a reminder to me of God’s ability to use ordinary people to accomplish His work here on Earth. I believe Him when He assures my children of His great love and faithfulness; and this song helps remind me that I should claim the truth of this message for myself as well! All of this to say, I trust that God will use each of us to serve at St. Mark’s in the coming years. Here’s to more fantastic memories!

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