I have served as a parish pastor for 26 years, all in the Pacific Northwest.  I love my work.  Day after day I witness the grace of God as it breaks people open, heals people, and calls all of us into the broken world to serve as the heart and hands of Christ.  My particular pleasure in my pastoral work is rolling around in scripture, wrestling with the narrative of God’s people, with OUR narrative, until it yields the rich promise that it holds for each one of us.  At St. Mark’s I am not alone in this engagement, but am surrounded by wise, faithful, kind people who serve as my guides and my friends as we seek to follow Jesus.

I have served as wife, stepmother and mother for more than 18 years, all with husband Ray, and children Sam, Madeline and Benjamin.  They make me laugh, keep me humble and daily remind me of God’s tender mercies.

If you would like to get in touch with me, I can be reached at