Tacoma letter writing group supports causes such as micro-finance and disease control.

by Judith Rucker

About six years ago, my good friend encouraged me to attend a meeting in Tacoma for RESULTS. I had never heard of RESULTS prior to this, but my friend explained to me that it was a “political action group” that writes letters to local political leaders in the House of Representatives and the Congress. That is why and how I got to my first meeting.

I was very nervous at this meeting and I did not know if I would fit in. I soon discovered I had nothing to worry about, as everyone was supportive of me although my first letters were not very good. They just said that it takes time and practice to get this letter writing thing down because each person needs to find his or her own voice.

Where do the causes we write about come from? They come directly from paid RESULTS staff in DC. The staff there keeps track of what is coming up for vote that concerns the issues supported by RESULTS, such as micro-finance or disease control. This means that we are always on-track and up-to-the minute on the causes that really matter.

Politicians do take notice when several people from their districts write on the same topic and urge the same actions. All politicians, regardless of party affiliation, want to stay in office. So they respond, usually with reply letters, to their constituents requests. RESULTS members also write Letters to the Editor in their local newspapers. RESULTS has clout!

You do not have to be a Christian to support RESULTS but if you do not have faith in a Higher Being it is almost impossible to stick it.  Why is this so?  Because there is no immediate visible indication of success.  That’s where my faith comes in and that is why I continue writing letters and attending meetings.  I am willing to wait the weeks, months or even years it takes to succeed.

Please see www.RESULTS.org for more information or to donate.