by Sally Ann McLean

Finger With Reminder StringWhen I was working at Fort Lewis, there always seemed to be a large plate of glass on my desk, underneath of which I would place reminders of one sort or another.

The assortment changed over the years. Among the varied items would be a chart of often used computer input codes, a business card for a licensed muscle therapist, a telephone roster, a list of the birthdays of my fellow office workers, a few prayers clipped from devotional booklets, and some favorite cartoons.

All these things were useful as reminders: that’s why I had placed them there. But they were only useful as I remembered to look at them.

One of those favorite cartoons showed two gentlemen mingling at a cocktail party. One man, holding a martini glass, was expounding his philosophy to the other: “My feeling is that while we should have the deepest respect for reality, we should not let it control our lives.”

On hectic days, if I would remember to glance at this cartoon and if I had a bit of a sense of humor left about me, I could chuckle as I acknowledged the truth of the caption.

Yes, the office might have seemed like a zoo with everyone making their own noises, pushing their own agendas. Yes, my desk looked like a three-ring circus with several projects in various stages of completion. Yes, yes, the reality of such moments evidenced chaos and confusion. The devil was sitting there by the telephone, hoping I would bark at the next person who dared to interrupt me and delay my agenda. But, I would remind myself that I didn’t have to give in to all that distraction. I didn’t have to let reality control my life.

One day, I was rearranging those reminders underneath the glass, I came across one nearly hidden by the adding machine. It was a quote attributed to Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “When you consider the state the world is in, you say, ‘Thank God I am not God.’ But when you discover the church and are drawn into it, you say, ‘Thank you, God, that you are God.’”

What a calming thought! The one who can bring His order to my chaos is in charge. That was a reality that I hoped would control my life.

I needed to remember, then as now, to look at the reminders God has placed all around me. He is in control. He is omnipresent. He is omniscient. He is omnipotent. I had learned those words in confirmation class so many years ago. Had I forgotten them? Or had I just forgotten to remember, forgotten to let myself be reminded?

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