Poets of St. Mark's: "From Eden Forward"

Written by Sally Ann McLean on the occasion of the dedication of The Arneklev Gardens
at The Edwards Plaza, Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community, Tacoma, Washington

"From Eden Forward"

Creation or Evolution? Evolution or Creation?
Both, I’d say. Which came first?
The created or the evolved?

Everything that IS was created by a Creator –
and so creative is this Creator that the creatures
He creates can create through and with Him.

No human creation is a solitary effort as was so when our Creator said,
“Let there be.”
And there was.

Just ask a gardener. Gardens don’t take hold by long happenstance.
There must be an Intelligence behind
the sowing and the growing of a garden.

Gardeners live in the knowledge that our Creator is so creative
that His creations are able, - no - , meant to evolve;
to change, adapt and grow; we are meant to become more like our Creator.

The infinite varieties and adaptations and complexities
found in gardens overwhelm us.
Yet we are given dominion and stewardship over all;
we are overwhelmed by God’s trust.

We find ourselves in an
unearned alliance with God,
and we are overwhelmed by His belief in us.

A slow, sensory stroll is what is wanted when one comes to a garden.
The surprises around each bend, the promises of growth
and, yes, the truth of decay, bid us both to walk on and to stay.

We are on holy ground when we are in a garden;
we are to be still and listen
for God has much to say in the silence.